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Karel Kryl – curriculum vitae written by Karel Kryl in 1992

Karel Kryl – curriculum vitae written by Karel Kryl in 1992

1/ Karel Kryl, born on April 12, 1944 in Kroměříž
Grandfather Karel Kryl, factory Kryl and Scotti in Nový Jičín/bookprinter. Father: Karel Kryl , bookprinter in Nový Jičín, from 1939 in Kroměříž. This printing house that had printed great many bibliophilias and other wonderful print works (Hyperion, Florian, etc.) was liquidated in 1949.

2/ 1950 – 1958 eight-year elementary school
1958 – 1962 Secondary Technical School – ceramics manufacturing in Bechyně, senior exam in 1962
1973 – Senior exam in Studien Kolleg Munich (Germany)
1973 – 1979 Studies of History of Art and Journalism in Ludwig Maximilian Universitat in Munich (without academic title)

3/ 1962 – 1966 employed with Spojker Teplice (ceramics factory) as a political back-up, quality inspector, tunnel furnace worker
1967 – 1968 educational artist – Olomouc, Ostrava, only for a short time
Househusband, farmer, freelancer of Radio Ostrava
1968  January -  August - stage assistant of a documentary department of Czech Television in Prague
1968 August – 1969 September – text writer, guitar player, singer
1969 October – freelancer of Radio Free Europe in Munich
1983 – 1991 – editor, later RSE programme editor
From 1991 - self-payer (privateer)

4/ from September 9, 1969 – exile

5/ No member of any cultural or literature assembly
Personal contacts – coming from exile

6/ Cooperation with magazines Západ, Reportér, Text, Zpravodaj, numerous exile publications, irregular correspondent, columnist, authorial works, commentaries, opinions, stories, etc.
Cooperation with Radio – sports reportages, under pseudonym Jan Šebesta.
Texts for songs and poetic texts for magazines.
8/ None
9/ None

10/ 1969 March – LP record Bratříčku, zavírej vrátka! (Little Brother, close the gate!),/Panton/
A bookwork of texts under the same name the same year was destroyed /MF/.
1969 – November – LP record Rakovina (Cancer), private edition Caston-Primaphon
1970 – LP record Maškary (Mummeries), private edition Caston-Primaphon
1971 – A Book of Karel Kryl ,Index – Koln upon Rhyne, re-edition live of Bratříčku.. (private edition in 1971)
1974 – LP record Carmina resurrection, private edition
1974 – 7 básniček na zrcadlo (7 poems on a mirror), private bibliophilia
1977 – Pochyby (Doubts), private bibliophilia. Both pubications illustrated by Karel Kryl.
1978 – Zpod stolu – sebrané spisy (From Beneath the Table – collected writings), Sixty- eight publishers Toronto, illustrated by Ivan Steiger, with SP record Dívka Havířka (A Girl Miner), accompanied by Eda Vokurka´s orchestra
1978 – 17 kryptogramů na dívčí jména (17 cryptograms on girls´names), Poetry out of home, Munich
1978 – re-edition of the first three LPs, Šafrán, Uppsala, Sweden
1978 – Lieder gegen panzer – 4 German, 1 Czech title on a record on 10th anniversary of the occupation, Verlag Neue Welt, Koln upon Rhyne
1978 – LP record, Karavana mraků (Caravan of Clouds), Šafrán, Uppsala, Sweden
1980 – Slovíčka (Words), poetic scenario, Sexty-eight Publishers, Toronto
1982 – Amoresky (Amorescs), poetry, bibliophilia, own edition, illustrated by Zdenka Krejčová
1982 – LP record Ocelárna (Steelworks), Saturn, Melbourne, Australia
1984 – LP record Plaváček (Floating Doll), Šafrán, Uppsala, Sweden
1984 – Z mého plíživota (From My Sneaklife) with own illustrations and SP record Jedůfka (Yedufka), Omezená suverenita, with JJ Neduha´s orchestra, editted by Sixty-eight Publishers, Toronto
1987 – Zbraně pro Erató (Weapons for Erato), poetry, own edition, awarded Jan Zahradníček Award (Los Angeles), illustrated by Antonín Málek
1990 – re-edition of Bratříčku, zavírej vrátka! (Little Brother, close the gate!), Panton, Zlatá deska (Gold Record), Rakovina (Cancer), Bonton –Zlatá deska (Gold Record), sold over 250,000 pieces
1991 – Knížka K.K. (A Book of K.K.), edited by MF, re-edtion of Carmina resurrections, LP record Tekuté písky (Running Sands), both Bonton, Lot – bibliophilia, M. Dyrynk, illustrated by Zdenka Krejčová, Zbraně pro Erató (Weapons for Erato), own edition
1992 – re-edition of Maškary (Mummeries), Bonton, Sněhurka v hadřících (Snowwhite in Rags), bibliophilia, own edition, , LP record Dvě půle lunety (Two Halves of a Moon), poetry read by the author and D. Bakerová, music by Marian Varga, edition HplusH, LP record Monology (Monologues), Janez - Praha, Krylias a Odyssea (Krylias and Odyssea), Panorama, illustrated by Eugen Sopka, bibliophilic edition of Amoresky (Amorescs), Lyra Pragensis, illustrated by Z. Krejčová
10/ Further potential exile will depend on citizenship in 1992